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    Alcohol, Travel & Lemonade

    I’ve always told myself that epilepsy would never control my life; it doesn’t own me and it never will. What people may not realise is we are stuck with this invisible condition and to…

  • Travel

    Review: Edinburgh Zoo

    Myself and my partner love travelling and I have a big heart for nature and wildlife. As travelling and volunteering abroad is pretty expensive, we have compromised to slowly but surely visit zoos while…

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    The City of Love

    Before I begin, I’ve now added my website on Bloglovin’ so follow me! So! There’s nothing better than a holiday. I’ve travelled around the world but have never really travelled closer to home until Paris.…

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    Cheetahs, Sunsets & South Africa

    “Oh Louise, don’t be so silly! Someone like you can’t go to South Africa, you know, with your epilepsy” – truthfully enough, this is just one of the many comments thrown at me when I decided to look…