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    Packing and Travelling With Epilepsy

    “Think of the beach” the medication “sunshine” and the doctors letters “beautiful colourful cocktails” finding travel insurance “our gorgeous sunshine natural tans” let’s not forget the emergency hospital information Is it easy for someone with a medical condition to…

  • Epilepsy Lifestyle Travel

    Would You Change?

    I’ve been asked time and time again, if I could go back into the past, would I take away my epilepsy? I recently got asked to look at a topic for my video about…

  • Epilepsy Travel

    EasyJet, Were You Right?

    There has been many posts across social media, with mixed emotions regarding the safety for both a passenger and epilepsy in general. These emotions emerged when articles reported that the passenger was asked to…

  • Epilepsy Videos

    Embrace Your Condition

    I’ll happily say that I’ve hated having epilepsy. It’s tipped my life upside down in many different ways. Although it’s not something I enjoy having, I have slowly learnt over the years to accept…

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    Does Chocolate Count?

    If you’ve been following Upon A Sunshine then you may be aware that I’ve been having a series of reoccurring seizures. It’s given me a constant feeling of fatigue for weeks. I was so…

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    Generalised & Focal Seizures

    The more open I am about epilepsy, the more I’ve found myself repeating to people that there’s more than one type of seizure. Not everyone who has a seizure is diagnosed with epilepsy. Not…