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Get Ready For Purple Day

If you’re not aware of Purple Day, let me take a moment here to explain. Purple Day is an annual date dedicated for epilepsy. Charities, organisations, warriors and supporters come together, and in their own way, promote awareness. Why is such awareness needed? Unfortunately there’s a stigma surrounding the condition, despite nearly 65 million people across the world diagnosed. It’s important we highlight the condition and help others fund for more research. Organisations have created annual events such as fundraising runs, walks and awards. Many people across the world are not in the same position financially to create such events. But have no fear! Promoting awareness starts at home with you.

Now you’ve got an idea of what Purple Day is, do you reckon you’ll take part? Is fundraising or creating awareness in your blood? Do you have epilepsy or know of someone who has the condition? You could be the ideal candidate to help us raise awareness! If you’re stuck with ideas, lets get together and learn how we can get involved. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Purple Day was created in 2008 by Cassidy Megan, a young girl from Canada, who has epilepsy and wanted to get people talking about the condition. Cassidy not only wanted to raise awareness but also assure people with epilepsy that they are not alone. Over the past 8 years Purple Day has grown to be a global event… – Epilepsy Society

BE ACTIVE IN SHOPS: a lot of fundraising comes from packing people’s shopping in local supermarkets, carrying people’s bags, creating flyers and cards to give out to the public. You occasionally see someone in the entrance of a supermarket running “X” hours on a running machine to raise money. Some people choose to begin this a few weeks before to raise the money, others focus on the event itself. If you’re comfortable fundraising in public, perhaps this could be your chance!

LOCAL EVENTS: if you follow the major organisations and charities such as Young Epilepsy, Epilepsy Action, and Epilepsy Society here in the UK, you’ll be familiar with their annual events they host. A lot of these are based in the same area (perhaps your local area)! These local events have included amazing Santa Runs etc. A lot of organisations events are available for you to discover and sign up to on their website and social media. If being active in the shops isn’t for you but you love events, this could be perfect for you! A day out with your family and friends raising awareness? Yes please!

DONATING DIRECTLY: you can be a part of Purple Day straight from your mobile device and it’s ever so easy. Epilepsy organisations have a text system where you choose how much you’d like to donate and the money will be taken from your mobile billing. The organisations will always have donations available on their websites too. You can do this anytime, not just Purple Day – hooray!

SOCIAL MEDIA: not everyone has the money to make a donation, and that’s perfectly understandable. There’s so many causes I’d love to be able to pay towards, but it can begin to mount up. This is where social media comes into play. Purple Day isn’t about the donations, but about the awareness of the condition and reminding others they’re not alone! Many advocates and warriors share Facebook posts, create posts, use Instagram or Retweet with hashtags. These posts tend to include quotes, those proud of their condition, how long they’ve been seizure free for, or even selfies with colourful purple! We want to send a message, and what better way then doing it all together on Purple Day.

GET HAIRY-LOSS: it’s been a growing trend that a great way to raise donations is by shaving/cutting your hair off. I do love this challenge! I think it’s brave and definitely not for the faint hearted – like have you seen my hair? I have so much hair I think I’ve genuinely forgotten the shape of my head. I’m positive nobody would recognise me if I did this!

There’s many ways to get involved. So get ready for the annual event on 26th March and help us raise awareness! For more information, visit any epilepsy organisation’s website or social media accounts. What are you plans for Purple Day? Let me know in the comment box below or tweet me at @louiseglover3

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