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First stop, Prague

Hey folks! A little while ago I shared a blog post about a few changes in my life, including being engaged, a new career path, my journey with anxiety and epilepsy, and my enjoyment in travelling. My fiancé and I have decided to spend a little more time visiting new countries around the globe, so I thought what better way then to share my adventures with you through my blog and Youtube channel. I’d like to use my platform to share my thoughts about each visit, any tips that I personally found very useful to me, including epilepsy tips! Why? Because epilepsy should never stop you from exploring the world. 🙂

Prague, Czech Republic: 7/10

Myself and my fiancé have jumped on the road with our first stop being in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic! The city is home to beautiful historic buildings, including Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, not to mention museums and galleries to explore. Prague is flourished with cobbled streets and historical buildings. The public transport, however, is far from historic – the metro, tram, and buses are fantastic and we were able to get around the city seamlessly.

Unfortunately, my two week trip included food poisoning so I ended up sight seeing Prague’s hospital more than the capital itself. That said, even getting to the hospital on the metro was flawless! We captured the beauty of Charles Bridge in both the daytime and in the evening. It’s a beautiful pedestrian bridge which was built in 14th-century. We wondered through side streets and explored all of the little stops and restaurants. Our day-to-day routine included breakfast, work, and explore a new part of the city. Our top favourites were Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. In the evenings, when not eating the delicious traditional cuisine, we headed to Bukowski’s and The Brutal Panda, located in Žižkov, for a quiet drink. From what I’ve experienced here in Prague, I do feel if I stayed here longer the city would grow on me. The City of a Hundred Spires was sure beautiful.

Just landed in Prague? Travel locally.

If you’re heading to the city from Prague airport, grab a 90 minute ticket from the ticket machine. It costs £1.11/$1.55. We took a local bus from the airport and transferred over to the metro with the same ticket. We saved a ton of money this way! Just remember to validate your ticket as you get onto the bus.

Learn the basics, even if it’s just děkuji.

We always try our best to learn how to pronounce the basics when travelling to new countries, as it’s important never to expect a country to speak your native language. Prague is a known tourist attraction, so we were lucky that a lot of people understood what we were saying. For me, děkuji (thank you) was probably my most used and most useful. If you’re having trouble, body language and animations are useful. Many giggled at me trying to pronounce everything, but it’s always a lot of fun.

Remember your EHIC card, alongside insurance.

If you’re from the UK, remember your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It provides free or reduced costs in Europe. When I had food poisoning, I ended in hospital due to intense pain and struggling to keep anything down. Prague hospital has a foreign office, so we headed straight there and began the process of going through their emergency room. We spent around 4 hours there, where I was seen by a general GP, specialists, had blood tests, an ultrasound, and a consultant, and left with antibiotics. We couldn’t fault Prague’s hospital, they were fantastic. It really hit home just how important it is to keep my EHIC card, insurance, and even my epilepsy medical ID bracelet with me wherever I go because you never know what will happen.

Photographing historic buildings?

If you’re planning on capturing Prague’s historical sites without heaps of people around, I would strongly recommend heading out early in the morning to spend time snapping that perfect photograph. Prague is home to millions, not including the thousands of tourists like me who want that perfect Instagram picture of Charles Bridge. Take an early morning walk around the city and I promise it’ll be worth it!

Eat locally, because it’s delicious.

Without a doubt, ya’ll need to try out the traditional dishes. Can’t understand the menu? Who cares! Guláš (goulash) was my favourite. It’s typically a rich, slow-cooked meat-and-vegetable stew. We had one served in a beard roll – the bread was scooped out, the stew poured in, and the bread lid popped on top. It was incredible. And if you’re into your beer, you’ll love it here.

Must see in Prague: if you can I would definitely recommend climbing the steps of St. Vitus Cathedral. The view overlooking Prague from here was breathtaking. We paid a small charge and headed up the spiral stone steps straight to the top. I drunk tons of water, took a couple of breaks, and the view was worth every step.

Been to Prague or thinking of going? Let me know if Prague is somewhere you’d like to explore and what your must see is! Come and talk to me and follow my journey on Twitter and Instagram. 😀 🌍


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