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Does Chocolate Count?

If you’ve been following Upon A Sunshine then you may be aware that I’ve been having a series of reoccurring seizures. It’s given me a constant feeling of fatigue for weeks. I was so drained that I spent most of my time asleep, eating, watching Netflix and sleeping more. The best way to describe my experience with recovery is like the aftermath of an illness when you want to be jumping around but you have zero energy! With seizures it’s easy to fall into this trap when you’re not feeling yourself (and I’m guilty of this one a lot. It can be extremely difficult to get back on track sometimes).

I needed to be motivated to recover and get out of this nasty routine as I desperately want to feel energetic and good about myself again. It all started with a 10 day no chocolate challenge! (which I failed, completely and utterly, after just a week… but come on no chocolate is just cruel). I continued to battle on and decided to join a gym and watch a little more what I eat. I thought I’d write some of my thoughts after my first week in my gym gear.


I’m THIS unfit? I should have got back on the treadmill months ago. How do you even use any of these machines? Is that lady seriously judging me or am I worried? I’m probably just worried… but you would be too if you looked like me running. The instructor has just taught me and my friend some workouts and these are HILARIOUS. We’ve spent more time laughing then anything else. YEAH LEG PRESS. YEAH WEIGHTS. YEAH CHEST PRESS. I’m actually dying. There’s a massive step machine and I wanna go on it, now! I better have a Kim Kardashian butt after this. Have I lost weight yet? Squats all day everyday. How is my boyfriend playing solitaire AND running? My average running pace is getting better and I’m feeling like a PRO. Okay maybe not, but we all start from somewhere. My face is bright red and sweaty, nice. Some gorgeous chick has done DOUBLE the amount of weights then me. Girl you’re on fire! I’ve never felt so horrible and sticky. BUT THIS IS GOOD SWEAT, GOODBYE FAT. Showering has never felt so refreshing. Time for a cheeky dip in the pool. Oops I accidentally spent some money on a new swimming costume. My friend and I have spent about an hour doing handstands in the pool and swimming underwater. Jacuzzi time. Sauna time. Steam room time. I’M COLD. I’ve lost 3 pounds! Can I eat a chocolate bar now?

When attempting to do THE PERFECT handstand ends up like this…

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My aim is to make sure I go to the gym to exercise at least once a week. It sounds like nothing but I want to be safe after my body has been so fatigue from seizures. So guess how many days I did last week? 5! I was so proud of myself for exercising as well as cutting down on buying silly snacks. In one week it’s made a massive difference and it’s motivating me to continue! As much as I’d love to be tiny and extremely fit it’s not a realistic goal for me, not right now anyway. My current goal is to enjoy going and to feel happy. Okay and maybe lose a few pounds would  be a bonus! It’s important for me to continue to do this to help me have a better outlook for both myself and my body. Seizures like to get in the way, so if I can eliminate everything I possibly can by keeping my body healthy then I will continue to do so. And screw my 10 day chocolate challenge, if I want some junk food I’ll have some! Probably doesn’t help that I have such a sweet tooth!

My seizures have behaved a little more this week, including my recovery time. Does this have anything linked to my body and keeping active? I have absolutely no idea! But if I’m feeling great than that’s all that matters.

What are your views on epilepsy and healthy living? It’d be great to hear your thoughts on how you recover from seizures. Remember to pop over to my YouTube channel and watch my latest videos, subscribe and give them a thumbs up! Don’t forget I have just released my new addition to The Epilepsy Planner, called, The Seizure Tracker. They’re available for you to download for free! Have a wonderful day.

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