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  • Epilepsy Lifestyle Videos

    Life Update

    I’ve had a crap month. Simply put. I’ve had side effects of seizures, gained a lot of weight, slept for what feels like forever, struggled with a sleeping pattern because of the latter, battled…

  • Epilepsy Lifestyle Videos


    I think when you’re diagnosed with a long term health condition, you begin to look at the world around you in a different way. The people that care and look after you are so…

  • Epilepsy Videos

    Embrace Your Condition

    I’ll happily say that I’ve hated having epilepsy. It’s tipped my life upside down in many different ways. Although it’s not something I enjoy having, I have slowly learnt over the years to accept…

  • Epilepsy Videos

    Our Journey & Friends

    Epilepsy and education has been one of my most requested topics and I thought it was about time I rustled a video up! When thinking about education I realised how personal and emotional our…