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    Get Ready For Purple Day

    If you’re not aware of Purple Day, let me take a moment here to explain. Purple Day is an annual date dedicated for epilepsy. Charities, organisations, warriors and supporters come together, and in their…

  • Epilepsy Lifestyle

    Knowing Your Triggers

    “Christmas is around the corner and everywhere I turn there’s a reminder of this festive season. The rush of the city, families buying presents, children begging their parents for sweets and gifts, the continuous…

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    Life Update

    I’ve had a crap month. Simply put. I’ve had side effects of seizures, gained a lot of weight, slept for what feels like forever, struggled with a sleeping pattern because of the latter, battled…

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    I think when you’re diagnosed with a long term health condition, you begin to look at the world around you in a different way. The people that care and look after you are so…

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    Packing and Travelling With Epilepsy

    “Think of the beach” the medication “sunshine” and the doctors letters “beautiful colourful cocktails” finding travel insurance “our gorgeous sunshine natural tans” let’s not forget the emergency hospital information Is it easy for someone with a medical condition to…