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    From London To Boston

    Social media is so widely used that we can easily access the world from the tips of our fingers. I am regularly fighting with epilepsy and mental health, and although it’s difficult, it’s an…

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    Get Ready For Purple Day

    If you’re not aware of Purple Day, let me take a moment here to explain. Purple Day is an annual date dedicated for epilepsy. Charities, organisations, warriors and supporters come together, and in their…

  • Epilepsy Lifestyle

    Knowing Your Triggers

    “Christmas is around the corner and everywhere I turn there’s a reminder of this festive season. The rush of the city, families buying presents, children begging their parents for sweets and gifts, the continuous…

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    Life Update

    I’ve had a crap month. Simply put. I’ve had side effects of seizures, gained a lot of weight, slept for what feels like forever, struggled with a sleeping pattern because of the latter, battled…