Welcome to Upon A Sunshine! I began writing and creating videos in 2014 to create positivity around epilepsy. Since my diagnosis I’ve come face to face with negativity and others not understanding the condition that is so common. With such a stigma I wanted to create a place that people can go to and remind them that they’re not alone. I wanted to create videos and write so others can relate, laugh and smile. So what do I post about on my website? Anything and everything – but mainly about healthy living, travelling and epilepsy!

My name’s Louise. Without knowing about absence seizures and myoclonic jerks you probably wouldn’t know I have the condition. I’m someone who likes to smile and I care a lot about others. I have a big heart for the wildlife and spent some time in South Africa cheetah and rhino tracking on a reserve and I also volunteered at my local zoo. I listen to a lot of hip-hop and rap. I love Disney, travelling and the Kardashians.

Epilepsy doesn’t define me and it shouldn’t define anyone in a negative way. It’s important to be educated and end the stigma around the condition. So whether you have the condition like me or you support others, be a part of my community, and lets raise awareness together.



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